Have you experience this kind of issue??
1. Fuel Theft?
2. Vehicle Theft?
3. Couldn't locate your driver or vehicle location?
4. Driver did not inform when they are have accident
5. Forget to renew your transport insurance, road tax and inspection?
A GPS Tracking base IOT solution for your car, lorry, truck, bus and motorcycle!!!


V3Nity's Fleet Management Systems is the market leader in this service. With over 10,000 vehicles under its management. Powered by the V3Nity™ propriety software engine, our FMS solutions range from tracking and location, asset security to optimising asset utilisation by measuring driving variables.
How can we help you?

Monitoring & Tracking

Real Time Tracking
To track and locate your vehicle current location and activity with the fastest and accurate feature.
Fuel Monitoring
Our system able to help you to monitor your vehicle fuel consumption activity without taking a risk to drill your fuel tank.
Driver Score Card
To monitor your driver with the prove of driving behaviour. With this feature you are allow to knowing which driver causing you lot of maintenance cost.
Tampering Alert
• Fuel Theft
• Accident
• Over Speeding
• Dangerous Driving
• Idling Alert
• Reminder and etc….

Management Reporting

Dashboard & Graph Report
Different type of graph report easy for management which can help you to understand your logistics business field activity
Automated Track Report
A vehicle details track history report will be automated email to you daily, weekly. It can be import as a Microsoft Excel Raw data format.

There are more accessories & Solution to support your business…..

To know more How to reduce your driver problems and increase business productivity with our solutions!!!
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