V3Nity's Fleet Management Systems is the market leader in this service. With over 10,000 vehicles under its management, V3nity FMS is widely employed by the government ministries of Singapore, large telecom companies and many MNCs and SMEs. Powered by the V3Nity™ propriety software engine, our FMS solutions range from tracking and location, asset security to optimising asset utilisation by measuring driving variables.

FMS or Fleet Management System assists you in managing and optimising many aspects of your vehicle fleet, no matter what size it is. From accurate tracking to deep analytics, FMS helps ensure vehicle security, safety and efficiency in use. Our on-board GPS vehicle command (VCU) sensor units are tamper-proof and are equipped with their own rechargeable batteries to ensure 24/7 performance.

With FMS as our powerful solutions platform, we've developed customised efficiencies for a host of industries
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Oil and chemical
  • Law enforcement and security:
  • Military
  • Utilities and other essential services
  • Vehicle insurance
  • General vehicle surveillance and tracking


  • Provides live tracking for 24/7 visibility of assets on the move with downloadable online reports
  • Historical data and dashboard information analytics to monitor driving behaviour to optimise fuel efficiencies
  • Ignition ON/OFF status monitoring
  • Traffic violations monitoring and other pertinent driver behaviour information
  • Unlimited, self-defined geo-fence for route & site violation control and monitoring for real-time, set checkpoints and time-stamps
  • Geo-spatial visibility using Singapore Land Authority map (premium-plus addition) and other comprehensive maps for worldwide usage
  • Incident violation monitoring alert triggers text messages (push notification), email & web-based messages
  • Provides key policing functions – enforcement of pre-planned routes/route deviation/ Driver ID management for other telematics data plus CANBUS interface
  • Enhances cost-savings in route-planning and vehicle maintenance
  • Able to monitor temperatures during haulage (cold-chain logistics companies have used this feature)
  • Linkage to other telematics devices like car alarm, car camera and immobilisation functions

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